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A look at literature and literature related DD's from the Month of September by gallery *Note all write ups are taken directly from the DD feature:

:star:Literature > Prose > Fiction > General Fiction

:bulletblue:Of Death on Roosevelt Ave., the suggester says, "~Eilicea writes with the intensity, horror and morbid humor of a mad scientist or some sort of inexplicable, eccentric genius. Even with the characteristic whimsy and (perhaps nihilistic) carefreeness, each story explodes in your face, leaves you crushed and wanting by the end - this one being no exception."

:bulletblue:Death of Death by =Squarix has a very interesting surreal quality of death being a physical character and for the plot of the story itself. The opening line is just incredible. "Death died this morning" and from then on the reader will be quickly captivated, wondering what happened to cause death to die.

:star:Literature > Prose > Fiction > Children's

:bulletblue:The delightful Tilda by *ThornyEnglishRose has a bit of everything: humor, tenderness, and just the right touch of the innocence of a child with who shares with us a part of her story.

:bulletblue:~Oulipo-Hobo follows the 'Oulipo' school of writing, which uses mathematical constraints as a literary technique. Small Damask Hat is an admirable effort, and as the suggestor says, "Although, as a standalone piece, this univocalic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood is an impressive feat, together with the other 4 in the series (each one focusing on a different vowel) the author has managed to admirably pull off, with humour and skill, a fantastic piece of constrained writing well deserving of attention."

:star:Literature > Prose > Fiction > Fantasy

:bulletblue:the surgeon's lover by `conorschild is, quite easily a very original tale that as its suggester notes: the fantasy of giving your heart to someone almost becomes literal.

:bulletblue:Of Gravedigger - One by *Autumn-Hills, the suggester writes, "In a genre rife with overused tropes and standard character archetypes, this "spade-and-sorcery" tale delivers unorthodox characters, engaging prose, and a tantalizing story with whimsical, slightly macabre spice." This was a fantastic (no pun intended) read. Do try the rest of the series here.

:star:Literature > Prose > Fiction > Science Fiction

:bulletblue:The wonderful story Love Letter From a Machine by ~Snow-Machine is very well crafted and imaginary. As noted: "the author takes words and no matter how hard or cold they seem, her sentences and descriptions come out smooth and glittering as ice. She takes an otherwise usually inanimate creature and gives it the ability to really feel through the weaving of the story."

:star:Literature > Prose > Fiction > Romantic > Mature

:bulletblue:The Causal Principle by *clownscape speaks volumes in under two hundred words. There is certainly something deeper stated here, but one may never truly know.

:star:Literature > Poetry > General Poetry > Open

:bulletblue:Best summed up by =k1k0r0 , Faded Sonata by *mossi-mo is written "like a 17th century painting".

:bulletblue:What deeper meaning we may find as we read Consequence of Purity by *Cyantre, may startle and surprise us, but still touch our hearts and ultimately make us wonder.

:bulletblue:I enjoyed The First Movement by *xiooua for its tightness, depth and careful imagery, and also the simile in the second line: I left my lover on the floor,/ arms bent like a lamp cord.

:bulletblue:the descent by ~sodachains is a carefully crafted  piece that sticks with you long after you've closed the window.

:bulletblue:Suicide, Such A Womanly Word by ~sonicbutterfly is a very lovely tribute to some of our most well known poets and reads so eloquently.

:star:Literature > Poetry > General Poetry > Villanelle

:bulletblue:Leonard Cohen Never by *msklystron is a clever little villanelle. I enjoyed it very much.

:star:Literature > Poetry > Human Nature > Open

:bulletblue:I was enchanted by In Search of an Old Recipe by ~Moonbeams. There is a very quaint feel of this poem as I read, as if I've stepped out of reality and into a Norman Rockwell painting of the winter. She has told a wonderful story with this poem, and it really digs down to memories that most everyone can connect with, so give it a read and see just how visionary it truly is.

:star:Literature > Poetry > Romantic > Cheap or Tawdry Romance > Fixed

:bulletblue:The suggestor writes, "April's House by ~ThimbleIsland is a modern take on Ghazal, expressing the traditional theme of "illicit, unattainable love" through the narrator's torrid affair in the month of April. The style is deliciously gritty and irreverent, each couplet telling a dirty anecdote." It is hard to adapt a form like the ghazal to English, but I enjoyed this modern adaptation for its naughtiness and style.

:star:Literature > Poetry > Sociopolitical > Limerick

:bulletblue:Enjoy ~beccasai's wit and clever rhymes in these five Political Limericks. (Please don't flame the writer for her political views.)

:star:Literature > Poetry > Spiritual > Open

:bulletblue:Pilgrim by ~FelixT is a superb example of imagery. It immediately draws you in and after reading it each time, you discover something new.

:star:Community Projects > Contests > 2008 > One-Act Contest

:bulletblue:Welcome Home by *IfrozenspiritI is captivating, well thought out, and not to say, fresh. I admire how well the play has been structured; the playwright has clearly put in a lot of thought into lighting, sound, space -- the physicality of theatre. And then, the writing itself is haunting. I have a number of interpretations of this play, and my favourite is that its movement/progression mirrors the movement of the writer into his metaphorical writing space. But read on and make your own interpretation of this excellent play.

:bulletblue:Names on the Ground by =psychol-bob is a quirky take on death. I admired the detail in characterisation and setting, the absurdity of teenagers who like decorating graves for a hobby, and the emotional appeal of the story. (Click on 'download' to read the script.)

Deviant Guide: Good Comments by bringbackart

:star:Typographical or text art (since it so often has wonderful literary elements)
RamZan 2 by XtremeHeart Confessions of a Student by BrokeNL Lifetime Promise by arhcamt the way by maxf
tpography tree by fikriye i hate you... by Dufoe88 but I don't speak::Typograph by xwcg :thumb66890590:
Lemons by Beautelle Representational B and W text by Tinik The Hand by it3m

But Ali!! Why do you not have the by line for feature and suggesting?
Answer: It shouldn't matter who featured or who suggested! Also if you go to the deviation you can see for yourself ;p Which i encourage! GO READ THESE

Why did you include the feature snippits?
Answer: So you can get a feel of the piece before you click on it, it works better than thumbs for lit since we don't have the ability to implant scrolling thumbs.

Will you do this every month?
Answer: We'll see how many hearts this one gets!!

Where are all your features, Ali?
Answer: To be honest I didn't get to feature that much this past month due to the hurricane and my subsequent lack of power and internet. October will see me return to my normal level of featuring :)

How can I get something featured as a Daily Deviation?
Answer: Note myself, LadyLincoln or lovetodeviate with a link to the piece and a little write up like the ones you see above. Please only note ONE of us per suggestion. You can send any kind of lit to any one of the three of us.

Questions, comments, blinding flashes of insight?
Note me, StJoan!
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