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Weird Girls

Fri Oct 17, 2014, 4:21 PM
Y'all should become familiar with it, just sayin.

Additionally-- It's October!!
And I had food poisoning, it was not fun, but today I am back on solid food and therefore feel the need to celebrate.

As for the dA changes...I'm not sure I get the point of statuses and I think it's fairly useless but I suppose someone will use it.
I'm sad the footer is gone. Otherwise it just seems like more of the same, or am I missing some huge innovation?

Deviations still don't load for me half the time soooooooo meh, but at least my message center mostly works now. Maybe I'll revive a bit? Possibly. Maybe. I don't know.

Seriously though, November.

  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Meira yowl at london
  • Reading: code, code and more code
  • Watching: Little Britian
  • Eating: Solid food again!
  • Drinking: tea
dA looks like twitter and facebook had a bastard child and then clothed it in ello.
that is all.

Home is where the heart is...right?

Sat Aug 30, 2014, 7:46 PM

EDIT: Soooooooooooo after intense rounds of negotiation that led to the big stick of an application to another apartment means that instead of the 100+ rent increase and fees, I will be getting a 12 month lease with a $35 increase a month.
...and a puppy.
ok jk no puppy
BUT this does mean my plans for catifying my residence are back on and I won't have to go back to the drawing board with configuration.
I am hoping more vertical territory helps end the #yowlingwar.
wish me luck!
/end edit

i hate moving.
have I ever expressed how much I hate moving?

I hate moving.
Particularly when I'm in, for the first time in a decade, a place that is beautiful and comfortable and all around nice.
This is the first apartment I've had with baseboards, let alone a garden tub. This is the first place that made me feel like i've been successful in this whole being an adult thing.

i. love. this. apartment.

But my lease renewal letter just came and it is ludicrous. Even after negotiating down, it is unsustainable, and the  new 'services' they've added, which you can't opt out of and are expensive, do not help.

There's nothing doing, I have to move.

And there's not a lot in my price range that is comparable.
I'm downsizing, and moving to an 'emerging' neighborhood...well that's kind, it's undergoing 'reclamation' ...that's still kind.
Its on the fringe of a great area, an area I'm familiar with and like. It'll cut my commute in half, it'll help me's just going to piss me off a lot.

The one upside is that maybe moving will snap Meira out of her aggression towards London and I can have a peaceful cat household again...which will need to happen because we're going to have a lot less space.

This month has been pretty awful, I'm very glad it's almost over.

I was slated to go to Iceland in October, that's off because my travel partner cannot travel those days owing to her new job
...i got 50% of my ticket cost back after weeks of back and forth...well, i will get 50% in 6-8 weeks.

Instead of traveling to a beautiful country I've saved for for years, i'll be packing up and moving into a shit hole of an apartment...again.
I'm telling myself that the rent saving will allow me get to Brisbane next year without going into debt...well, not a lot of debt at least.

also...pretty sure i have a cold, or severe allergies, either way my throat hurts and i'm miserable.

September will be better, right? Half Marathon a-la The Oatmeal and a brief jaunt in the lovely north west, yeah, that'll be nice.

  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: Meira yowl at london
  • Reading: the collective works of Hemingway
  • Watching: mythbusters
  • Drinking: tea

My deviantArt story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 5:24 AM

Oh look! It's an Ali.

It's dA's birthday, which means it'll be my dAnniversary here soon too and will mark ten years since joining up. A decade of deviance.
Great, now I feel old.

My dA story isn't abnormally fabulous, it isn't extraordinarily awesome, it is not in any way uncommon...and that's the coolest thing ever.
Look, my best friend was found through dA. Hell, the majority of my close friends are dA people. A very long and healing relationship was found on dA. I've gotten jobs because under my volunteer section on my resume was DeviantArt: Gallery Director (back in the day when we were directors. branding. it matters)
I could sit here and list a billion names of a billion people who have helped me become me and OH would you look at that, if I did they'd be notified but it would literally be a list of over one hundred people.

dA, for whatever else it is, is a place where people with common interests can come together and build relationships and they're lasting and meaningful and so much more than a screen name.

So I'll tell you, if you're waffling on whether or not to go or host a devmeet: Do it.
Just do it.
You will be amazed at the people you will meet, the bonds you will make, the things you will learn.

People make family here, every day, in ever corner of every community, in every country, in every city.
I am, in no way, extraordinary in this.

Let's face it, that's pretty fucking cool.

Love you bitches.
now come find me on facebook/twitter/instagram

  • Mood: dA Love
  • Reading: the collective works of Hemingway
  • Watching: Orphan Black
  • Eating: sriracha cashews
  • Drinking: tea, like a boss


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I've been accused of going by Joan, but really my actual name is Alicia.
I recently relocated down to Austin, Texas because let's face it: it's the best place on the planet.

Occasionally I write something worth reading, but more often than not I'm in the business of quick scrawls and scraps of poetry that i've been terrible about getting back around to them.
Follow me on twitter StJoan or join me and others at Texasdevmeets around the state :) I won't bite, i promise.

Current Age: 25, Current Residence: Austin, Tx, deviantWEAR sizing preference: Women's Large Ah! Boobies!




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